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Divine Horsemen - The Living Gods of Haiti

" In September 1947 I disembarked in Haïti, for an eight-month stay, with eighteen motley pieces of lugage; seven of these consisted of 16-millimeter motion-picture equipment (three cameras, tripods, raw film stock, etc.), of which three were related to sound recording for a film, and three contained equipment for still photography."
- Maya Deren

"'When the anthropologist arrives, the gods depart.' So declares, I am told, a Haitian proverb. Maya Deren, on the other hand, was an artist: therein, the secret of her ability to recognize 'facts of the mind' when presented through the 'fictions' of a mythology. (...) She went to Haiti as an artist, thinking to make a film in which haitian dance should be a leading theme. But the manifestations of rapture that there first fascinated and then seized her, transport her beyond the bounds of any art she had ever know."

- Joseph Campbell

Black & White
Sound 47'

DVD PAL interzone)
24,00 euros