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Takashi Ito - Film Anthology

Born 1956 in Fukuoka. Graduated from Kyushu University of Art and Design. Studied under Matsumoto Toshio during college years, learnt about experimental films. Professor of Kyoto University of Art and Design.

"Film is capable of presenting unrealistic world as a vivid reality and creating a strange space peculiar to the media. My major intention is to change the ordinary every day life scenes and draw the audience (myself) into a vortex of supernatural illusion by exercising the magic of films." (Takashi Ito, in Image Forum, Oct.1984)

Disc One (73min.)

Spacy / Box / Thunder / Screw / Drill / Ghost / Grim / Photo Diary / Wall / Photo Diary 87 / Devil’s Circuit / The Mummy’s Dream / Venus

Disc Two (77min.)

December Hide-and-Go-Seek / THE MOON / ZONE / Apparatus M / MONOCHROME HEAD / Dizziness / A Silent Day


(DVD NTSC interzone) 34,00 euros